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What is Rent to Rent?

Rent to Rent is where we pay you the landlord a guaranteed rent for 3-8 years, we then take control of property and put short term tenants in the property.

What if nobody is staying in the property? Do I still get payed?

Yes if there are void periods, we would still cover the rent that we have to pay to you.

Isn't subletting illegal?

Yes, subletting is illegal. There are legal documents/contracts we use to  proceed with our rent 2 rents legally, which allows us to put our own tenants in the property.

What happens if the property gets damaged?

As we have taken control of the property, we would cover any minor damages and interior within the property.

This can all be outlined in the contracts we have with the owner of said property.

How much would I get paid?

Each individual property is different, we are able to make you an offer within 24 hours of viewing the property, if it fits our criteria.

How do you market the property?

We market the property and a variety of platforms, depending on the area and strategy of the property, ie:. serviced accommodation or HMO. 

Some of the places we would market your property are, Rightmove, Zoopla, Airbnb,, Open rent and Spare room 

Which areas do you cover?

We cover Cornwall & Devon

What happens if you can't pay the rent?

  • If we fail to pay the rent, as this would be a company let, we would have in the contract that it would be voided.

  • Due to this contract not being your normal AST contract you would be able to get us to vacate the property within 14 days. 

Can you just manage the property instead?

Yes we can also offer a management service through our managing company: Cornish Property Management LTD

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