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We rent properties directly from landlords becoming the lead tenant with our guaranteed rent program. This provides them with security and a hassle free approach to renting their property.


In the total duration of the agreed term, we assume full responsibility and liability for the property subject to our terms & conditions.


Guaranteed Rent

We rent the property from you, offering a fixed guaranteed rent on a long term let, this would allow you to have one lead tenant and pay you an agreed rent monthly regardless if the property is vacant or occupied. This way you don't have to worry anymore about void periods.

Long Term Lets

With the option of long term lets of up to 8 year contracts. This provided more security for you as a landlord as well as sustainability. 

We can be very flexible with each contract making it the right fit for your situation. 

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Constant Upkeep and Maintenance

We take care of any day to day damage to the property as it is our responsibility to return the property to the landlord in the same condition or in better condition than when we took the property on.

We are able to maintain this by having multiple maintenance checks and cleaning carried out at the property per month.

Properties are usually better kept after the period then if it was let on a single let.

This all gives the landlord a peace of mind.

Full Management

We provide a full management service completely free of hassle which includes managing our clients, the general upkeep of the property and dealing with minor maintenance issues. 

We can also organise for maintenance of any major issues with your property with the owners consent 

Giving you a completely hands-off investment.


Considering Renting Your Property With A Hands Off Approach

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